Welcome to Teulon!

Teulon provides an exceptional quality of life to people of all ages. Citizens enjoy all the modern services and amenities of a larger community, in a quiet country setting.

Teulon has 9-1-1 service and the Teulon-Rockwood Fire Department. We are proud of our modern health care center with a medical clinic, emergency room, lab, an attached personal care home, dentist office, massage therapist and a chiropractor.

Other assets to our community include the South Interlake Regional Library, the Teulon Daycare Center, Teulon Elementary School and Teulon Collegiate and Crescent Creek Park. We have Town sewer and high quality drinking water from individual wells. There is also high speed internet service available in Town with community access computers located at the Teulon Library. The Teulon and District Handivan is available for those that require assistance in getting from place to place.

This page provides the important information for those people currently living in Town and for future residents as well.