Teulon & District Handivan Service

The Teulon & District Handivan Service is a non profit community supported service providing transportation for seniors and those who are mobility disadvantaged. It is designed to assist people travel for medical, work, social or recreational activities within program guidelines. The Handivan can transport up to 14 passengers including 4 wheelchair spaces.

Phone No.: 204-886-3566

Office Hours :

  • Monday to Friday
  • 8:00am - 4:00 pm

To reduce conflict in scheduling, appointments are to be made one day in advance.

Handivan Rates

Within Teulon, Komarno, Gunton and Balmoral.

Per Person

One Way Trip in Town $3.00

Group Events in Town $4.00; within service area $4.00 +O.50/km  

Return Trip (2 or more) (ADP, Congregate Meals, Senior Meetings)

One Way Trip from Teulon to:

Stonewall$10.00 + 0.50/km
Selkirk$15.00 + 0.50/km
Winnipeg$15.00 + 0.50/km
Gimli$15.00 + 0.50/km

We work out of the Teulon Senior Resource Building:

Box 418

Teulon, MB  R0C 3B0

Email:  teulonhandivan@gmail.com