Teulon 4-H Club

4-H is an international youth and volunteer organization. It’s a program that provides members with the resources and activities to build self-confidence, communication, and leadership skills while learning about a topic of their choice.

Each member picks a project and works with a volunteer leader to develop his/her skills related to the project of choice. In Manitoba there are over 60 interesting hands-on projects like beef, photography, outdoor living, machines, crafts and more!

Beyond projects there are also club activities, provincial events and travel opportunities where members can meet new people, build friendships and have fun!

Today, 4-H clubs in Manitoba are driven by thousands of 4-H members and volunteers, plus a strong partnership with Manitoba Agriculture.

For more information on 4-H in Manitoba visit https://4h.mb.ca.

To learn more about 4-H in Teulon contact Christine Tronrud at (204) 461-0657 or by email at ctronrud55@gmail.com.