Teulon-Rockwood Arena

The Teulon-Rockwood Arena is located at the end of Main Street at the entrance to Teulon-Rockwood Green Acres Park. The Town of Teulon and R.M. of Rockwood jointly operate the Arena.

The Arena is a modern facility complete with showers in all change rooms, a wheel chair lift, wheelchair accessible washroom, safety netting for spectators and has a Zamboni for cleaning the ice surface. It has a seating capacity of approximately 1000 people and a canteen that provides food services.

For information about the Teulon Minor Hockey Club contact Derek Miller (204) 461-0452. The Teulon Skating Club is registered with Skate Canada and offers Canskate and Starskate lessons. The Club is always looking for volunteers. For information or to volunteer with the Teulon Skating Club please contact Jennifer Griegson at (204) 451-7170 or via email at teulonskatingclub@hotmail.com.

The Arena is used in the off-season for special events. 

Arena Rental Rates for 2023-24

For more information about rental rates or available ice times call the Recreation Department at (204) 886-0505 or email teulonrockwoodrec@gmail.com.

Arena Calendar